Core Technology

The absorbed substance on an activated carbon is removed by super-heated steam.
→Regeneration of Activated carbon
(An organic matter contained in wastewater is decomposed into gas and don’t remain as a sludge. )

Patent Technology NO.4242440
Method of Multiple Purification of Effluents
(possible to remove multiple toxic substances)
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Regenerate Method of Adsorbent and Activated Carbon
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Effluents Purification System and its Method
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Particulate Matter Deposits Desorption System and its Method
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Deposits desorption method of granular materials and its system
Cooperated with Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
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Deposits desorption method of porous adsorbent and its system
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Adsorbent regenerator

Properties of Fresh Activated Carbon vs. Regenerated Activated Carbon

Elements Unit Property Analysis method
Fresh AC 10th circle regenerated AC
Iodine adsorption ability mg/g 990 970 JIS K 1474
Specific surface area ㎡/g 1,010 1,020 N2-BET
Total micropore volume ml/g 0.51 0.52 N2-BET
Average micropore size nm 2.0 2.0 N2-BET