National Project

JICA(Japan International Corporation Agency)

Spread and demonstration project for promotion of the reused water and industrial wastewater treatment technique with auto-regeneration activated carbon in Indonesia (2014)

Our application was adopted for JICA project. The way of demonstration and promotion of water treatment with our products is well considered, leading to significant achievement.

  • Activated carbon column
  • Control panel
Project on industrial wastewater treatment with auto-regeneration activated carbon in Indonesia (2013)
Demonstration experiment
Demonstration experiment at dyeing factory by Institut Teknologi Bandung research team

JST(Japan Science and Technology Agency)

2017 Adaptable and Seamless Technology transfer program through target-driven R&D (A-STEP)

Development of advanced treatment technique of polluted water containing persistent organic matter.

R&D phase program aiming for practical application based on the research results on science and technology which is important for the national economy

In joint research with Osaka City University, we are working on manufacturing the small test machine for perfect decomposition of persistent organic matter contained in drained water at regeneration process of activated carbon.

Hybrid technology

Catalytic hydrothermal oxidation

Fenton-type reaction is accelerated by Fenton's catalyst under hydrothermal reaction conditions of 100 to 200 ° C, resulting in increase of free radical OH-. This enhances oxidation decomposition efficiency of persistent organic matter.

NEDO(New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization)

Project on the energy saving
Water and gas treatment by the composite method of the auto-regeneration of activated carbon and Fenton treatment technique

Our composite method invented with Osaka City University makes it possible to save energy of 100 thousand kL/year (Crude oil equivalent) and compared with conventional method.