Established JTOP Co., Ltd.
Adopted to the support subsidy project of Sakai city
Development of small size recycle water treatment equipment and its demonstration
JOGMEC Innovative technology for development of oils and natural gas
Development of technology for treatment system to reuse produced water
RISONA SME promotion foundation・Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun corporation
25th New and Excellent technology by SME Award, New product Award
MOFA ODA Investigation
The investigation on the project for industrial Wastewater treatment with the equipment of Auto-regeneration activated carbon in Indonesia.
NEDO Venture support business for practical use of innovation
Development for portable equipment to regenerate waste activated carbon
Joint research with Osaka city University
Development of detoxification techniques for PCB and dioxine at low temperature and pressure
JICA Spread and demonstration project by private proposal
Spread and demonstration project for promotion of the reused water and industrial wastewater treatment technique with auto-regeneration activated carbon in Indonesia
Osaka Prefecture Certified as a company pioneering new business field by producing new products
Adopted to “SME new products purchase system”
Adopted to Kansai Urban Joint Research grant
Development of innovative detoxification technology for wastewater containing persistent organic matter.
Supported by subsidy of government.
Produce and spread of the equipment for industrial water treatment containing persistent organic matter
Development of the advanced hybrid treatment technique of polluted water containing persistent organic matter
NEDO National Project on the energy saving
Water and gas treatment by the composite method of the auto-regeneration of activated carbon and Fenton treatment technique.
JST Program
Development of the advanced treatment technique of polluted water containing
Supported by subsidy of Sakai city
Development on the energy saving treatment technique of polluted water containing persistent organic matter.
Supported by the subsidy of SME Agency
Upsizing of the industrial water treatment equipment